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I represent people who have been wronged. Whether injured in a traffic accident, treated unfairly by an insurance company, or harmed by powerful corporations or government agents, my clients call on me to fight back when they get pushed around.

I understand that lawsuits can be stressful and at times confusing. I handle all client matters personally and promise a high level of client/attorney communication. Lawsuits often involve making serious legal decisions that will significantly impact your life; we promise to provide you with all of the information necessary and to help you make the most informed decisions about your case, including whether to settle or go to trial. We will discuss reasonable settlement and verdict expectations for your case.

My fees are contingent upon the outcome of the case. In other words, I work on commission and charge the client nothing up front. I share the risk equally with my clients — and I front all the costs of litigation. And I do not limit my case load to those “easy”​ cases with clear liability and insurance coverage. In fact, my niche has become accepting cases other lawyers have turned down — whether because they viewed the case as too difficult to prove or didn’t value the case as worth the effort — and then obtaining results that exceeded the client’s expectations.

I am always happy to speak with anyone who feels helpless and needs advice. If you wish to speak, please send me an email to tcs@travischarlessmith.com and I will give you my cell phone number.



Key to the successful attorney-client experience.


No hourly fees


Contingency fee

We don’t charge you unless we win!

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