Representing Plaintiff's in Civil Justice Lawsuits in Oklahoma

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Nothing can be more stressful than dealing with legal problems and experiencing a lawsuit. But it doesn’t have to be all consuming of your life when you have the right lawyer who will explain the process, readily communicate, keep you in the loop, aggressively push the case to trial, and safeguard your interests.

Oklahoma City lawyer Travis Charles Smith will help you understand the legal process and the decisions to be made. We will protect your rights now and offer proactive guidance to help you avoid problems later. In other words, we worry about the law so you do not have to.

Client-focused, High Quality Legal Services for Oklahomans

Oklahoma City attorney Travis Charles Smith handles a variety of lawsuits involving injuries, accidents, property rights, civil rights, and cases that involve the wrongful conduct of others against the rights of his clients. Skilled in both trials and appeals, Travis will give your case the utmost care and attention, and will work to obtain the best possible result.

If you have been wronged in Oklahoma, we will worry about the law so you don’t have to. Contact our Oklahoma City law office online or call 405.701.6016 to arrange for a confidential consultation with a trial lawyer.

Representing the Injured, the Abused, and those whose Rights have been trampled on by Big Corporations and Big Insurance Companies in Oklahoma

Our practice focuses on representing parties injured in motor-vehicle accidents, representing people against insurance companies in bad faith denial of insurance benefits, and representing the elderly and their families against abusive nursing homes. Travis also champions the rights of landowners in Oklahoma in lawsuits over pollution and damage to property, reckless or malicious destruction of trees, and municipal sewage back-ups.

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