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Oklahoma City attorney Travis Charles Smith handles a variety of lawsuits involving injuries, accidents, property rights, civil rights, and cases that involve the wrongful conduct of others against the rights of his clients. Our practice focuses on car accidents, nursing home abuse and neglect and bad faith insurance lawsuits: helping people who have been hurt, injured, or unfairly treated.

We sue for the wrongful conduct of others and obtain money damages for our clients.

We help people just like you

Have you been hurt, wronged, or damaged by the wrongful conduct of another person or company? Travis Charles Smith helps people just like you. At our Oklahoma City law office, we represent plaintiffs in civil lawsuits.  We obtain just compensation for our clients.

How we help

We make your problems our problems.  We take the burden of your case off your shoulders so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.  It is now our problem and we won’t relent until its all over.  And our goals are your goals: to obtain as much compensation as we can for your loss.

What makes Travis different?

Great communication.  We strive to explain case analysis as we can to our clients.  Travis makes himself available for phone calls and client meetings as much as possible. We always welcome questions from clients and understand that lawsuits can be complex, confusing and even strange. Travis breaks down the case and the process so you understand what is going on and what to expect.

Relationship building. Travis wants to be your trusted advisor, not just a legal service provider. Because we value you, and want to build a lasting relationship, our team works hard to earn your long term trust and respect. We do that by maintaining excellent communication throughout the case, keeping you informed, and letting you make informed decisions about settlement and trial.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!

I would like to take this opportunity to make a couple of comments on Travis Charles Smith as an attorney and as an individual. My wife and I went through a horrible experience with the City of OKC. We had a major sewage backup into our house and the City Officials said they were not responsible and would not reimburse for any losses or damage sustained. Then, enter Travis Charles Smith. Travis took the lead and befriended us almost like family. He was professional and focused from day one. Although it took a little over a year to finalize, Travis was relentless in his pursuit of what was the right thing to do. I highly recommend Travis for any and all legal issues if you want a professional who also cares about his clients.
Donald R. Nichols

US Army, Retired

“Travis’ philosophy is very simple. He didn’t want to simply represent us. He wanted to work alongside us as a team member to ensure that each matter we had worked out to the best possible resolution. Travis, best of all, actually took the time to sit down with us and discuss each matter in depth then took a personal interest in making sure we understood each step of the journey we were about to begin. That was extremely important to us as clients because nobody wants to feel left in the dark on something that could literally destroy everything you work hard to build throughout your lifetime. Both Jim and I came to be very fond of Travis, not just because he’s a great attorney, but because he took a vested interest in our concerns and never once brushed us off as just another phone call or email in the hopper.

As business owners, Jim and I came to know many good attorneys through the years. Now, after being one of Travis’ clients for several years, we can say he’s definitely one of the best we’ve met. We’re both truly grateful we met him that fateful afternoon working in his apartment several years ago and look forward to continuing to build on our relationship with his office for many years to come.”

David W. Strayhorn

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